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Leading Harvest

Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard is the industry standard for sustainable agriculture. Created by diverse stakeholders for applications across all geographies, crop types, and management systems, it is scientifically rooted, scalable, and independently audited.

Carbon Credits

Peoples Company and CIBO Technologies have partnered to secure carbon credits for regenerative agriculture practices. Carbon credits will be offered to an initial 20,000 acres of farmland managed by Peoples Company. The benefits of sustainable agriculture is the main building block in Peoples Company's approach to Land Management; offering carbon credits will further promote Peoples Company's conservation goals and increase long term appreciation. Covered practices currently include nitrogen application, tillage practices, cover crops and cash-crop identification.

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Direct Operations

Peoples Company has developed a direct operations asset management platform to support well-suited landowners with opportunities to achieve premium returns.

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Sustainability Assessment

Is your farm being managed for sustainability and appreciation? Call today for a Sustainability Assessment of your farm, which includes a soil loss report, profitability mapping, and farm practice assessment.

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Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative

Peoples Company has partnered with Stine Seed, the nation’s largest independent corn and soybean seed company and one of the most recognized seed brands, to offer landowners a paid-infull, managed cover crops program.

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Land Manager Objectives

The Peoples Company land management approach provides an intense focus on using information, analysis, production strategies, and advancing technology to increase production on the most fertile acres while allowing for conservation of the more sensitive parts of a farm. Peoples Company Land Managers target four areas of a farm to achieve desired outcomes:


Peoples Company’s proprietary conservation lease amendment addresses the impact of farming practices on soil erosion and water quality at an individual farm level, including tillage practices, crop rotation, permanent seeding (including CRP), cover crops, and the placement of commercial fertilizers.


The amount, timing, and placement of commercial fertilizers is critical to water quality and soil fertility. Peoples Company land managers compare crop removal (yields), and crop nutrients applied by the operator as well as conduct regular interval soil tests to measure progress towards a goal of balanced soil fertility.


Managing surface water with traditional conservation practices, such as grass waterways and permanent seeding, can reduce erosion. Additional drainage tile may be required to manage excess water below the surface to increase a farm’s productivity.


Peoples Company’s strategy to merge soil conservation and adequate drainage with balanced soil fertility translates into a probability for increasing crop yields.

To learn more about our approach to land management or to request a written proposal for your land, email us at or call 855.800.5263.

Peoples Company is licensed to manage farms in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Industry-Leading Outcomes

Peoples Company has developed an industry-leading, proprietary land management website and software that captures a documented history of a farm’s actual production, fertility, soil health, conservation practices, tiling, capital improvements, and financial performance. This information is continually analyzed to improve yield, increase income, and maximize appreciation. With the right balance and tailored approach, landowners achieve their objective of superior financial returns in a socially responsible manner.

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