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Mineral And Renewable Assets

Peoples Company provides clear and accurate management of specialty assets in the energy industry. The dedicated team of professionals has over 30 years of experience in the specialty asset management industry, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of proper management. Peoples Company’s industry-leading, client-centered approach to management provides full transparency to clients. Management efforts deliver clients the best possible service, bringing ease and peace of mind that assets are accurately managed to maximize long-term output.

Peoples Company is a one-stop shop for financial institutions, nonprofits, universities, foundations, health systems, trusts, family offices, individual landowners, and mineral rights owners. Additionally, the continued, rapid growth of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, creates the potential for substantial new revenue streams for clients across the country.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

The Peoples Company Energy Management group is at the forefront of the energy asset management industry, providing the highest caliber services coupled with leading-edge technologies.

Mineral Management

Peoples Company's Energy Management team provides specialized and comprehensive management for mineral owners to deliver the best service to clients. We utilize best-in-class mineral management software to efficiently and effectively manage minerals and royalties for clients with customized reporting. We provide solutions for owners of oil and gas assets which include comprehensive land and mineral rights management solutions, oil and gas accounting, digital filing, division order processing, and other oil and gas-related solutions that can be tailored to client's needs.

GIS Mapping

Accurate visualization of mineral rights and other energy asset information.

Client Portal

Real-time data and customized reporting for informed decision-making.

Modernized Revenue Processing

Efficient distribution of energy royalties.

Digital Document Storage

Keep your records organized and secure.

Oil And Gas Accounting

Review and Process AFEs and Joint Interest Billings

Tax Processing

Ad Valorem tax processing for streamlined compliance.

Mineral Sales

Mineral Valuations

Peoples Company assists with the sale of subsurface asses, including minerals, royalties, overrides, and working interests.

Peoples Company provides rigorous, independent, unbiased market value appraisals of mineral properties and mineral rights, from exploration and development tracts to operating mines and quarries.

Renewables Management

The Peoples Company Energy Management team works diligently to manage renewable energy assets for clients, while also assisting landowners with negotiating and marketing renewable leases. Negotiating, managing, and marketing renewable leases can be complicated. Primary considerations include assessing the track record and viability of developers, evaluating end-of-life decommissioning requirements in leases, assessing the financial viability of a project, calculating the present value of future revenue streams, lease consideration of CPI adjustments, as well as rights and abilities to monetize future revenue streams.

Land Viability Review for Renewables Projects

Wind, Solar, and Battery Storage Lease Negotiations

GIS Mapping

Revenue Processing

Customized Reporting

Compliance Inspections

Renewables Sales

Renewables Valuation

Peoples Company's Energy Management team works in conjunction with Peoples Company Brokers and Land Managers to assist with the sale of revenue streams for established projects. We source buyers for renewable revenue sales through auctions or direct sales, utilizing our award-winning marketing and extensive network to bring quality buyers and sellers together.

Peoples Company conducts certified appraisals analyzing the value of renewable revenue streams.

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