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Peoples Company Land Management emphasizes sustainable agricultural practices that drive asset appreciation and incorporate industry-leading technology to analyze and document productivity, conservation practices, and capital improvements. Our platform is built to enhance crop yields, boost farm income, and improve soil health ensuring continuous improvement for the next generation.

An intense focus on advancing technology alongside production practices allows us to maximize production on the most productive acres while also allowing for conservation of the more sensitive parts of a farm.

The ultimate outcome of Peoples Company management system is multi-part: build a documented history of a farm's actual production, fertility, soil health, conservation practices, tiling, capital improvements, and financial performance. This information is analyzed and utilized to improve yield, increase income, and maximize appreciation.

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Industry Leading Outcomes

Financial performance and environmental issues are linked on the farm. With the right balance and tailored approach, landowners achieve their objective of superior financial returns in a socially responsible manner.

Socially Responsible Land Management

Peoples Company’s management approach addresses soil health improvement through erosion control, drainage, balanced fertility, and extending living cover. We strive to manage each farm for appreciation and sustainability through socially responsible farming practices. Our commitment to sustainability focuses our work on what is best for each farm today as well as tomorrow.


Peoples Company’s proprietary farm lease addresses the impact of farming practices on soil erosion and water quality at an individual farm level, including tillage practices, crop rotation, permanent seeding (including CRP), cover crops, and the placement of commercial fertilizers.


Land Managers seek to work with the natural topography of each asset to reduce soil erosion and compaction. This is a combination of in-field and edge-of-field practices to increase water-holding capacity and filtering as water flows across a farm.


The amount, timing, and placement of commercial fertilizers is critical to water quality and soil fertility. Peoples Company Land Managers compare crop removal (yields), crop nutrients applied by the operator, and schedule regular soil tests to measure progress toward a goal of balanced soil fertility.


Peoples Company's strategy to merge soil conservation and adequate drainage with balanced soil fertility translates into a probability for increasing crop yields.

Ideal Client

A Peoples Company Land Management client is a farmland owner whose goals and objectives include high expectations for both income and appreciation. They understand the interrelationship between income, appreciation, and socially responsible management, and will commit capital in furtherance of these expectations.

Your Advocate

Peoples Company clients receive meaningful and timely communication to fully understand the ongoing operations, as well as opportunities to increase asset value. We are experts, ready to provide advice and represent client interests whether the issue is regarding federal farm programs, proposed or existing easements, or any other issue impacting a farm.

Our Commitment To The Land

Our commitment to the land begins with understanding how each managed farm fits in the larger working landscape alongside our rural communities. We are one piece of a larger picture driven to build a fruitful farming future and we extend our reach by supporting organizations with shared values.


Work With An Award-Winning Team

Peoples Company is proud to have received several notable industry awards.


Peoples Company land managers are involved in the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) and adhere to the highest standards of the appraisal industry. ASFMRA is an organization tailored specifically to the appraisal and farm management professions throughout the country. Peoples Company land managers are members of the ASFMRA and many have achieved the Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) designation. These individuals have met rigorous requirements and are highly productive with a proven track record. They strive to arm themselves with the latest market knowledge in their areas and they execute their business with the utmost professionalism.

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