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Over the past 50 years, Peoples Company has grown to become the most comprehensive provider of traditional agricultural asset management services including brokerage, appraisal, and management as well as a complete suite of land investor advisory services. With offices located across all major agricultural regions in the country, we offer local expertise and a nationwide presence to connect interested capital with the right farmland assets.

Investment Products

We deliver full-service agricultural investment programs for a wide range of clients pursuing the investment performance characteristics of farmland. These clients include high-net-worth individuals, nonprofits, wealth managers, investment advisors, and institutions. Our investment programs are tailored to meet the needs and objectives of each of these unique investor categories with high-quality, sustainably managed farmland assets.

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Tailored Investments

Peoples Company's Capital Markets team specializes in structuring sophisticated farmland investment opportunities, connecting owners, operators, and investors in this thriving asset class.  

Why Farmland?

The farmland asset class, valued at nearly $4 trillion, has seen significant growth in institutional and professional investor engagement over the past two decades. Farmland investments offer unique characteristics such as low to negative correlation with public equities, providing a protective hedge against unexpected declines in equity values and inflation, solid long-term total returns, and low volatility.

The expanding opportunities to invest in farmland result from minimal debt usage, increasing capital requirements, and demographic trends pointing to ownership turnover. Peoples Company's Capital Markets team has a proven track record in initiating land investments in conventional row crop production, value-added organic systems, and tax-advantaged permanent crop assets.


Acquisitions And Sale Leasebacks

The Capital Markets team is actively looking for acquisition opportunities across the country. We collaborate with farmland stakeholders including brokers, farmers, long-time landowners, new landowners, and other industry professionals to provide an alternative source of liquidity for farmland assets.


Why Work With Us

National Scale

Access to a national network of land professionals providing local and regional market knowledge in all major U.S. agricultural regions.

Technology Implementation

Employment of a suite of technology solutions through our exclusive platform, FarmWorth, to support due diligence processes and asset management.

Adaptive Operating Models

Customized operating structures provide flexibility for maximizing returns within each investor’s risk tolerance.

Revenue Optimization

Analysis of all revenue opportunities to ensure each acre of land is at its highest and best use.

Federal Crop Insurance Utilization

Peoples Company’s crop insurance division utilizes crop insurance data that insures minimum annual revenue while substantially reducing production risk.

Active Management to Market Trends

Alignment of asset selection and management with growing consumer preferences for transparent and sustainable food production.

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