About Peoples Company

Rooted In Tradition. Growing For The Future.

Our Story

Peoples Company's proud history began in the 1960s and was established in the farm management department of Peoples Trust and Savings Bank in Indianola, Iowa. In 1972, the farm management department and real estate brokerage separated from the bank into what is now known as Peoples Company. The current ownership team acquired the company's majority interest in 2002 and began building the foundation for the national platform and future growth of the Peoples Company brand.

In 2018, Peoples Company deployed its national strategy and began growing across the country to expand the reach of the company brand. As the company put down roots in strategic agricultural regions across the country, it began receiving recognition from numerous national associations and media outlets for being an industry leader. By creating an extensive network and national presence, Peoples Company is able to execute at a superior level handling any ag-related land business across the country.

Peoples Company's rural heritage and ties to the land are the core of its business. As a result, the company has ingrained in its business the premise that "it all starts with land." It is on this principle that, paired with a global perspective, Peoples Company provides integrated land solutions.

Peoples Company Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Peoples Company is one of the most respected land services companies in the nation, providing the highest caliber services by the best people in the industry.


Create value and opportunities for landowners by being resourceful and influential in the global land business.


Deliver integrated solutions to clients with a team of cohesive land professionals focused on building lasting relationships.

National Reach. Local Expertise.

Peoples Company leads the nation in providing integrated land solutions as one of the few firms with core competencies in land brokerage, agricultural appraisal, land and energy management, crop insurance, and capital markets, providing clients with a one-stop solution for agricultural transactions across the United States. Delivering personalized land services in every major agricultural market, Peoples Company's local land professionals are experienced in working with landowners, farmers, institutional investors, and family offices to achieve industry-best outcomes.

Peoples Company’s major relationships throughout the industry with key referral sources and prominent ag players bolster the company’s national strategy and position the company to work on agricultural transactions all around the country. With a culture of collaboration and direct access to capital through relationships with institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals, Peoples Company offers clients unparalleled deal flow, opportunities, and solutions as the premier land transaction company.

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Our Approach

Peoples Company focuses on serving non-operating landowners, large farm operators, farming families, institutional investors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and key referral sources, including attorneys, bankers, CPAs, and national trust departments in North America who value innovative land solutions and the company’s role as a trusted advisor.


We provide solutions by being industry leaders and ambitious problem solvers who think outside the box.


We are flexible in our approach to understand and meet the needs of clients.


We are results oriented and focused on growing market share.


We are led by our vision and we are self-managed in our decision making.


We work together to maximize our resources and opportunities for the entire team.


We hold honesty and respectfulness as our highest values and follow through with what we say.

Relationship Driven

We focus on building trust and respect by cultivating lasting and positive connections with clients and others in the industry.


We differentiate ourselves by understanding the market to a degree not equaled by our peers.


We focus on the unlimited opportunities within the land business and embrace challenges with positive attitudes.

Our Platform

Peoples Company has been selling, appraising, and managing farms for 50 years and has become a trusted advisor for its work paving the path in the industry. As Peoples Company plans for the next 50 years, it is building a strategy centered around the traditional methods that got the company where it is today, and by using technology to make the company better and more efficient at what it does.

Peoples Company has built a unique infrastructure, collaborative culture, and marketing strategies that deliver industry-best outcomes. Peoples Company is committed to providing the best resources and is fully-dedicated to delivering the best platform for optimal success.


Peoples Company has become one of the premier brands in the marketplace for land transaction services. It has gained national brand recognition by delivering world-class service, developing relationships with industry professionals, and by being engaged in nationally-recognized events and conferences. Peoples Company has also been recognized by industry peers and trade associations as leaders in the industry, earning numerous awards including being named a Best Brokerage and Auction House since 2011 by the Land Report, winning the National Auctioneer Association Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year award four out of the past five years, amongst having three land managers named Professional Farm Managers of The Year by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, and winning multiple top-producer brokerage awards, as well as the Broker of the Year for auction land sales from the national REALTORS® Land Institute.


With a national footprint, Peoples Company is able to serve all the major agricultural markets as a full-service national farmland transaction and management company. Peoples Company’s complementary services, including land and energy management, agricultural appraisal, crop insurance, and land brokerage, provide a one-stop solution for clients. Peoples Company’s affiliates – Alternative Equity Advisors, Ag Capital Advisors, DST Farms, and mAgma – strategically enhance and execute opportunities, positioning Peoples Company as one of the few full-service land transactions firms in the country.


The company has created an extensive network of investor relationships, providing deal flow into the brokerage, land management, appraisal, and energy management divisions.


Peoples Company’s auction platform is unrivaled across the industry, powered by a diverse range of aggressive brokerage campaigns and proven marketing tactics. By providing a comprehensive strategy, custom digital and print marketing, state-of-the-art software, online bidding, and a professional, award-winning auction team, Peoples Company allows clients to promptly achieve their disposition goals.


Peoples Company’s in-house, award-winning marketing team and graphic designers create professional, customized marketing collateral.


The Peoples Company Capital Markets team works diligently to facilitate transactions in the robust farmland asset class. Through the market-leading deal flow generated from Peoples Company’s national network of farmland professionals, dedicated acquisitions staff, proprietary data infrastructure, and asset management capacity, Capital Markets can syndicate farmland assets through a variety of structures: Equity Advisory, Retail Investments, Section 1031 Exchanges, and Structured Finance.


Peoples Company is committed to having the best people in the business with team members specializing in their area of expertise, and many earning the highest-level of accreditation. Peoples Company’s brokers broker, appraisers appraise, and managers manage. Each position is the most efficient, effective, and successful by focusing on their role.


Peoples Company strives to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation in the land business. The company will continue to invest into evolving technology, while remaining deeply rooted in traditional values.


The company believes in supporting and providing regular training, development, and learning opportunities for its team members to remain at the forefront in the industry.


Peoples Company established the Land Investment Expo in 2008 to connect stakeholders in agriculture. Since then, the Expo has transformed into one of the nation’s premier forums for office holders, office seekers, and prominent agricultural industry voices to provide keen insight and debate the events of today and the future of tomorrow.


With licenses in over 30 states, Peoples Company’s comprehensive licensing strategy has positioned the company to execute on transactions across the nation.


Peoples Company team members work together to maximize resources and opportunities for the entire team. They don't compete with members of other divisions; they operate in a collaborative culture of mutual referrals.