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Paul Anderson

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Paul has a lifetime of experience in Agriculture ranging from growing hemp in Oregon to feeding cattle in Iowa to trading commodities in Chicago.  He grew up on a farm in Central Illinois where his family grew row crops and raised hogs and cattle.

Professionally, Paul’s varied experiences allow him to offer a well-rounded perspective on nearly all aspects of Agriculture.  He began his career as an Engineer then transitioned to a commodity trader with a small trading firm in Chicago.  Paul traded soybeans, soybean meal, and soybean oil daily on the CME for three years.  Having a desire to return to the rural Midwest and have more direct farm involvement, Paul eventually landed back in Iowa and started a career in the beef industry.  During his tenure as a cattle marketing rep, Paul assisted his clients in cash marketing of all classes of cattle.  He also worked closely with his clients to identify risk management solutions and provide financing for the purchase of cattle.

Since joining Peoples Company in early 2021, Paul is excited to be offering Land Management services.  He views each day as an opportunity to gain experience and expand his expertise, which directly benefits those he serves. Paul is attentive to the goals of the landowner and then works diligently to provide sound guidance and creative solutions to meet those goals.


In college, Paul earned a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Iowa State University. Though he ultimately decided to pursue opportunities in Engineering, the degree and experiences in engineering continues to serve Paul well.  It has trained him to be a critical thinker and given him the ability to solve complex problems.


  • Member of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
  • Member of Young Professionals in Agriculture
  • Member of Agribusiness Association of Iowa
  • Member of Pheasants Forever