Julie Boggs, AFM


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Mobile: 318.282.3870



Julie joined Peoples Company in September of 2022. She credits her liberal arts background to her excellent writing and communication skills, creative problem solving, intensive research style, and passion for learning, all of which have served her well in her career in land management. Julie employs her nontraditional background in the world of agriculture to reach clients who are investing in farmland or have inherited farmland but have no prior knowledge of farming. 

In 2014, Julie began her land management career at Delta Land in Mer Rouge, LA. Over the following eight years, she managed property for the owner of the company, investment funds, and several families, including her own. Julie and two other managers were tasked with the management of 125,000+ acres of farmland, covering Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. She built an extensive network of successful farmers in the region, directly managing over 75 tenants across 18 parishes/counties.  Julie is successful at tailoring her management style to the landowner at hand, understanding that the needs of an institutional investor and a family landowner are very different. She recognizes the importance of farmland as a long-term investment, calibrating her management recommendations in the short term with fluctuations in farmland prices, commodity markets, input supply chains, and the annual financial needs/concerns of a given landowner. Her management knowledge includes farm leasing, rental analysis, annual farm budget creation/execution, farm plan creation/execution, USDA farm programs, and landowner reports. She is very knowledgeable in the crop production process, particularly with rice, soybeans, cotton, and corn. Julie managed the organic rice farming operation at Delta from its infancy (2015), managing the transition and certification processes of 3,300+- acres of conventional land to organic cropland; In the process, she gained knowledge of the organic process, organic inputs, organic governing bodies, and the benefits of sustainable farming practices. Julie has great interest in being at the forefront of sustainability programs in the region and she looks forward to growing her knowledge of carbon markets as well. Julie has had her Louisiana real estate salesperson license since 2015 and she also has knowledge in new farm acquisitions and dispositions. 

Julie resides in Monroe, Louisiana with Thomas and their two boys, Wyatt and Warren. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her boys on the farm, hunting, cooking, and taking pictures of her family and farmland. Julie looks forward to building the land management business with Peoples Company in the Louisiana Delta region.


Julie attended Colgate University in New York where she received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Art History.