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Boots on the Ground – Harvest Edition

November 7, 2023 - Kyle Walker, AFM, AAC, CAC

I had the opportunity to visit one of my managed farms in central Iowa a few weeks ago. We always seek to be a good partner and building strong, positive relationships is important to our management approach. I hit the jackpot this day, as I got to share a hot meal out in the field with my farmer tenant and his family.

This specific farmer runs 100% green equipment. The S780 combine was maxed out most of the day with yields well over 200 bushels/acre on the monitor. Tractors included a John Deere 8330 and 8310R on two 1196 Brent grain carts helping move corn from the field to the semi-trucks.

Most of the semi-trucks were loaded and headed to the Cargill Eddyville Ethanol plant. The overflow was stored on the farm in the 60,000-bushel storage facility. This extra storage allowed the farmer to run throughout the day and not wait on trucks.

The farm surrounding the bin site was planted with soybeans in 2023. The soybean crop was harvested in mid-September with an oats and radish cover crop drilled right behind the combine. The cover crop was a lush, bright green carpet across the field and already busy at work scavenging nutrients in the soil and improving infiltration.

We particularly like incorporating radishes into cover crop mixes for their tuber roots to break up compacted soil. The left image below shows the tuber root after about a month of growth. We like to plant tuberous mixes as early as possible to give an extended growing window for increased size.

When we tell clients we are their “boots on the ground,” we mean it in every sense of the meaning. Peoples Company Land Managers want to know each farm and its tenants and seek out opportunities to see them hard at work. Annual drone photos and farm visit photos help landowners know their farms and each growing season.

We seek to create value and that local connection for landowners in every aspect of our work. Please contact us at 855.800.LAND (5263) or by email at LandManagement@PeoplesCompany.com to learn how we can help.

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