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Video: Interviews and Images of Farmers, Land Managers Round Out Root's Thoughts on 2014 Africa Fa

February 5, 2015 - Peoples Company

Broadcaster Ken Root presents in this video compilation an overview of his fall 2014 trip to Africa where he – along with photographer Michael McClean and investment analyst Maurice Clark – explored the potential for agriculture and land investing in three countries.


The journey, underwritten by Peoples Company, included tours of local farms and the land and farm management practices that organizations such as Susan Payne’s EmVest are heavily invested in. The production begins by shining a light on agricultural holdings, grain storage facilities and a game farm with hunting and ecotourism opportunities in Mafeking. A peanut-processing plant utilizing a mix of is hand labor and modern technology is also highlighted.

In Mozambique, Root walks through the ins and outs of a tropical region with fertility and water providing ripe conditions for fruits and vegetables to be grown. Emvest, which owns a 2,500-acre farm in the region, has overcome challenges related to property irrigating the land and now grows rice, sugar cane and edible dry beans there. Good surface water and adequate rainfalls also provide the appropriate conditions for a cattle ranch operation in which hearty animals are grown to thrive in unique environments.

“Our final stop to look at farms took us to a county that is known more for wildlife and natural beauty than ag,” Root said. “Near the town of Livingstone in Zambia We travelled down paved roads to farms that looked like those in Kansas or Nebraska. In the dry season, only wheat was being harvested, but the results of this crop show good breeding, good soils and proper deliver of water.”

From talks of the “black cotton” soil in Africa to the fertile and flat land conducive to growing wheat, maize and ground nuts both for domestic consumption and exports to Europe, Root’s video summary of the U.S. team’s continental journey includes multiple interviews with local farmers and land managers.

The production wraps up with beautiful shots of Victoria Falls – one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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