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The Dirt Talk Weekly Iowa Land Auction prices, June 3rd to June 9th, 2016

June 11, 2016 - Peoples Company

Greetings!  Very few land auctions are occurring in Iowa at this time.   There were a total of 336 acres offered at auction, of those acres, there were 308 tillable acres.  I would describe last week’s auctions results as “good”.  Here are a few highlights:

- 204 acre land auction in Black Hawk County sold in two tracts

- 140 acre tract sold for $9,600/acre with CSR/CSR2 of 81/90

- 64 acre tract sold for $5,700/acre with CSR/CSR2 of 60/54

- 132 acre land auction in Howard County sold in two tracts:

            a)  93 acres sold for $8,100/acre with CSR/CSR2 of 72/77

            b)  39-acre tract partial cropland/pasture sold for $6,600/acre with CSR/CSR2 of 72/84

There were no “no sales” last week.  The number of land auctions are down considerably all across Iowa for the next 30 days.  There is very limited amount of tillable land for sale and this is keeping the land market up despite lower grain prices.   It is still my opinion if anyone is thinking of selling farmland, the sooner you bring it to the market the better. 

Keep an eye on the grain market.  Soybeans are up sharply & corn is following.  This is good for the land market.  Especially with very little land coming to the market to be sold.  Definitely a seller’s market. 

Please check back next week to see what I will be discussing.  Please check out our May auction results which we recently posted.  Finally, please make sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest sale results and industry news.


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