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Dirt Talk Weekly- Iowa Land Auction prices, September 23 - September 29, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Peoples Company

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Greetings!  Land auctions were not as active this week.   There was a total of 1,118 acres offered at auction, of those acres, there were 877 tillable acres.  I would describe the auction results as “strong”.  There were no “no sales” last week.  On $/tillable CSR2 point, there were 2 sales that were below $100/tillable CSR2 point.  The range was from $97/tillable CSR2 point too $211/tillable CSR2 point.   A few of the highlights from last week:

  • 124 acres sold in Johnson County for $9,600/acre - CSR/CSR2 79/78
  • 131 acres sold in Allamakee County for $8,397/acre - CSR/CSR2 62/65
  • 130 acres sold in Wapello County in two tracts
    • Tract 1 - 71 acres for $12,100/acre - CSR/CSR2 88/85
    • Tract 2 - 59 acres for $9,100/acre - CSR/CSR2 85/86     
  • 60 acres sold in Wapello County for $2,700/acre (recreational)
  • 130 WRP tract sold in Tama County for $1,300 plus 5% buyer’s premium
  • 79 acres sold in Webster County for $8,300/acre - CSR/CSR2 76/73
  • 76 acres sold in Lyon County for $14,400/acre - CSR/CSR2 66/68
  • 194 acres sold in Poweshiek County in two tracts
    • Tract 1 - 74 acres for $12,500/acre - CSR/CSR2 88/92
    • Tract 2 - 119 acres for $6,050/acre - CSR/CSR2 61/67
  • 126 acres sold in Jasper County for $7,000/acre - CSR/CSR2 68/71
  • 69 acres sold in Marion County for $4,700/acre - CSR/CSR2 50/51

This week auctions were strong.   All realtors I’ve talked to were very happy with the auction prices.  Most of the buyers were farmers.  There is still a little over one farm per county in Iowa for sale that is north of 85% tillable.  This fact alone is keeping the market stable.

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Check back next week for continued conversation on the auctions we’re seeing from around the state, and be sure to take a look at our August auction results that we just release last week.  Please make sure and hit the “like” button on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PeoplesCompany and @TheLandTalker.

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