Worried About Inflation and Volatility? This 'Very Niche' Investment Could Be Right for You

Published on Mar 22, 2023 by Peoples Company

Photo Credit: Getty Images


As inflation and rising interest rates grip the market, farmland remains steadfast in value and revenue generation. Demand for farmland continues to swell as investor seek a safe haven from volatility and inflation. Farmland has proven itself as an asset class characterized by superior investment qualities including strong diversification with other asset classes, low return volatility, positive correlation with inflation, and high returns or positive alpha. Read more about the asset class in an article by Money here.

Investing in U.S. farmland does come with challenges as it has historically not been a viable option for many individuals due to the large capital requirements, extensive knowledge and management demands, and substantial operational risk. Peoples Company Capital Markets is actively working to eliminate these barriers by providing unique investment structures.

Peoples Company Capital Markets helps facilitate Section 1031 Exchanges via the DST investment vehicle through its partner, DST Farmland. DST Farmland has formally launched as a sponsor of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment vehicles, focused on a first-of-its-kind offerings in the farmland asset class. The application of the DST vehicle to farmland investing is exciting, as it allows investors to take direct ownership in an asset class historically requiring capital at a scale that is out of reach for many investors. Visit DSTFarmland.com to for more information on the DST investment vehicle and current offerings.