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IEA and EIA Renewable Investments and Oil and Gas: A Comprehensive Update

 June 24, 2024
 Energy Management 

The energy sector is undergoing a transformative period marked by significant investments in renewable energy alongside continued robust investment in oil and gas. Understanding these investment trends is critical for stakeholders, policymakers, and the public, as they shape the future of energy supply, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.


Nourishing the Future: Sustainable Farming in the Face of Population Growth

 June 20, 2024
 Agriculture   Industry Insights 

As the global population is projected to reach nearly 9.8 billion by 2050, the demand for agricultural products will surge, challenging current farming practices to be more sustainable and less environmentally damaging. This blog explores the crucial role of fertilizers, their impacts, and how regenerative agricultural practices offer a sustainable path forward.


The Risks and Benefits of Grazing Cover Crops

 June 17, 2024
 Land Management 

The benefits of cover crops have long been celebrated in the agriculture community. Hailed as unsung heroes, they are known to prevent erosion, improve soil structure, and suppress weeds. Grazing cover crops is simply the next logical chapter in the regenerative saga. Soil enthusiasts champion this natural method of maintaining soil fertility, likening it to nature's own recycling program.


Eminent Domain Valuation

 June 13, 2024
 Land Values 

Farmland owners face several challenges to ownership related to utility companies, pipeline companies, highways, and others who need to acquire property for a potential new corridor through their land. There are increasing demands for power and energy sources which is leading to increased demands from agencies needing to acquire land. It is important for landowners and companies that need to acquire a corridor to understand the process of completing appraisals for eminent domain purposes.


Farmland as an Inflationary Hedge – What Types of Agriculture Production Should be Considered?

 June 10, 2024
 Real Estate   Land Values   Industry Insights 

As inflation rates continue to rise in the United States, investors have renewed interest in alternative investment opportunities that can outperform traditional asset classes without sacrificing stability. In 2021, The Land Report named Bill Gates as the top private farmland owner in America, since then investors of all sizes and backgrounds have flocked to the agricultural sector.


Carinata: A Promising Winter Crop in the Southeast U.S.

 June 6, 2024
 Land Management 

Wind and solar energy get significant attention as key renewable energy sources as the country diversifies from fossil fuels. Just as significant is the biofuels sector, where ongoing plant breeding research aims to increase yield and enhance production sustainability for biofuel feedstock.


Land Auction Results | May 2024

 June 5, 2024
 Land Auctions   Land Values   Industry Insights 

The appraisal team at Peoples Company was able to track 37 tracts or 3,711 acres sold at public auction in Iowa during May 2024. The average dollar per acre was $11,238, the average dollar per tillable acre was $12,604, and the average dollar per CSR2 was $165.


Uncovering Opportunities and Maximizing Returns on Managed Farms

 May 21, 2024
 Land Management 

When assessing new management farms, Peoples Company Land Managers seek to build farm-specific action plans to address each landowner’s goals, increasing long-term appreciation and maximizing annual cash yield.


Don't Cut Corners – Lessons from the Farm

 May 13, 2024
 Real Estate 

It was late on a Friday afternoon during corn harvest years ago, when my father pulled up beside my tractor and wagon. He opened the door of the combine and told me to follow the tractor's path around the field and to not cut through the field because it was too wet.


Peoples Company Acquires The Atkins Group’s Farmland Management Portfolio; Set to Open an Office in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

 May 9, 2024
 News & Events   Land Management 

Peoples Company, a recognized leader in integrated land management, brokerage, appraisal, and energy solutions with offices across the nation, today announced it has acquired The Atkins Group’s Farmland Management portfolio.