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What is a Multi-Parcel Auction?

September 11, 2023 - Adam Crist

Peoples Company Multi-Parcel Auction Platform

Our innovative approach to real estate auctions includes offering multiple auction types to cater to each customer and property type. One unique option is known as the Peoples Company multi-parcel auction platform, which brings a fresh perspective to the multi-par sales process. In this dynamic type of auction, we break down the property into distinct parcels before auctioning them off. This method is particularly well-suited for land and farm auctions, especially when dealing with extensive acreage amounts or multiple property types. Parcels can be defined based on factors such as location, suitability for specific crops, or the presence of buildings like houses or barns. Once the auction commences, prospective buyers gain the flexibility to bid on individual parcels, any combination of different parcels, or even the entire property as a whole.


A Highlight of Buyer Benefits:

The Peoples Company multi-parcel auction platform holds exceptional advantages for buyers. It empowers them to focus their bids solely on the most appealing land. Picture a neighboring farmer desiring specific fields adjacent to their property or a family searching for a home with space for gardening without the commitment of managing an entire farm. The multi-parcel setup caters to these diverse needs, enabling bidders to target specific parcels of interest. Naturally, there may still be participants keen on purchasing the entirety of the property, and they retain the option to do so. The platform grants buyers greater control over their acquisitions, enhancing their auction experience while expanding the range of properties they can engage in.


Highlighting Seller Advantages:

For sellers, the Peoples Company multi-parcel platform opens up a realm of new possibilities in real estate auctions, all while minimizing risks. The foremost advantage lies in the heightened participation of bidders. As previously mentioned, some bidders may engage solely to secure particular land parcels. These participants might not have joined if the property remained undivided. Simultaneously, those interested in purchasing the entire property or substantial portions thereof will continue to participate, thereby amplifying interest in the property. A broader pool of bidders infuses the auction with greater competitiveness, usually culminating in the highest final bids for the land. Competition could emerge among bidders vying for individual fields, buildings, or even the whole property. This collective competition bolsters the per-acre value, irrespective of whether the property is ultimately sold as a whole or in individual parcels. Lastly, aligning with the speed associated with real estate auctions, the multi-parcel approach accelerates the sale process. Unlike waiting for a single buyer interested in the entire property, the platform welcomes multiple buyers who can swiftly acquire different segments of the property.

At Peoples Company, our adept team of auctioneers and bid assistants play a pivotal role in facilitating this process. Using the latest software technology, they collaborate seamlessly with bidders on-site, online, or on the phone, creating a comfortable, informed bidding environment and ensuring a smooth execution of the sale. Our commitment to effective communication and assistance underscores our dedication to optimizing your multi-parcel auction experience.



The approach to selling your farmland boils down to the location of the farmland, how aggressive the neighborhood is, and the quality of the farmland. Other questions to consider are if the farmland is in the future path of development or if the property has a higher and better use, such as a building or acreage site. Regardless of which method is deployed to sell your farmland, the person or company you work with is much more important than the method itself. Choosing a real estate agent to partner with today is challenging, especially when every company will tout its ability to maximize the sales price of your property through its aggressive marketing strategy, connections with Buyers, and market knowledge.

As a landowner, asking questions and checking credentials with your advisors is always a good idea and recommended. Peoples Company would welcome the opportunity to attempt to understand your dynamic and to be a trusted advisor.

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