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Weekly Auction Results: 1/30/22–2/5/22

February 7, 2022 - Ashley Poduska

It was a slow week in auctions, with only two public auctions to report in Iowa.  These two auctions brought an average dollar per acre of $6,025, average dollar per tillable acre of $6,039 and an average dollar per CSR2 of $107.  

While this is down 35% from the previous week, it's prudent to note that with limited auctions such as this week provided, the given data might suggest a slightly different trend than in weeks with more auctions and data.  Stay tuned in the weeks to come as auctions pick up and we are given more sales to work with.


Sale Date State County Land Type Gross Acres $ Per Acre CSR2
01-31-2022 MN Swift Tillable 160.00 $ 9,700 --
02-02-2022 MN Polk Row Crop 80.71 70.4
02-03-2022 IA Osceola Row Crop 116.00 $ 5,000 62.4
02-05-2022 MI Crawford Tillable 147.00 $ 7,050 52.7
02-05-2022 GA Dodge Row Crop 75.00 $ 15,700 --
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