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Peoples Company Hires National Director of Appraisal and Land Management Amidst National Expansion

March 13, 2020 - Steve Bruere


Peoples Company announces that Michael Lauher has been hired as National Director of Appraisal and Land Management. The hire comes amid a series of announcements demonstrating Peoples Company’s national expansion, including the opening of offices in California, Michigan, Nebraska, and Washington, and the hiring of a Director of Sustainability.

As Peoples Company’s growth continues from coast to coast, Lauher will oversee the build-out of the company’s land management, operations and valuation platforms in new markets, and the implementation of sustainability standards on land under management. In addition, Lauher will manage the expansion of Peoples Company’s already industry-leading technology that offers real time intelligence to increase performance, efficiencies and yields while lowering input costs and mitigating risk.

“Michael brings extensive experience managing diverse operations – including row crops, permanent crops and specialty crops – across many states. His professional successes include overseeing production transition to organic and developing and implementing investment goals for land under management,” Peoples Company President Steve Bruere said. “As Peoples Company continues to grow across the country, Michael will play an integral role in streamlining our processes and technology to ensure maximum results and client satisfaction.”

Lauher previously served as a senior vice president for Hancock Farmland Services. In that role, he managed both row crop and permanent crop properties. His portfolio included permanent crop operations in California, including almonds, walnuts, olives, and wine and table grapes. His diverse set of expertise also includes row crops in the Midwest and cranberry properties.

Lauher earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness from Illinois State University. A United States Air Force veteran, he is an accredited farm manager and land consultant. In addition, he is a licensed broker in several states.



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