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Peoples Company Among Sponsors of 2015 SOIL Conference with Over 30 Speakers at Drake Ag Law Center

October 13, 2015 - Peoples Company

The 2015 SOIL Conference, bringing together an array of people and organizations to consider the roles policy and law play in shaping our soil and water stewardship efforts, is set for November 19-20, at Drake University in Des Moines.

“Sustaining Our Iowa Land” is a primary theme of the conference, which will delve into the past, present and future of the state’s soil and water conservation policy.

Drake’s Agricultural Law Center, working in conjunction with the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, welcomes participants from across the state to gather and discuss issues surrounding the protection of Iowa’s soil and water resources.

More than 30 individuals have been identified to cover everything from current realities, future opportunities, and theories for change – alongside talks and presentations on subjects such as conservation funding, land tenure and watersheds. Peoples Company President Steve Bruere, included among the presenters, will share his thoughts on incorporating sustainability into land management practices.

A comprehensive breakdown of the two-day SOIL Conference can be found on the Drake Agricultural Law Center website, along with registration details and the program schedule. A dinner has also been scheduled for Thursday, November 19, and will feature an awards ceremony to honor 10 individuals for their leadership as Stewards of Iowa’s Land.

Go to www.drakeaglaw.org/soil-water-conservation-policy-conference and learn more today.

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