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New Peoples Company Website Streamlines User Experience, Emphasizes Use of Technology

January 28, 2016 - Peoples Company

Peoples Company is ringing in the New Year with the launch of a new-and-improved website. It is now easier then ever to locate land listings, find upcoming auctions, consume market data, obtain estimates of land values, learn more about our approach, and get in touch with us. 

The newly remodeled PeoplesCompany.com is reflective of our organization’s innovative approach to sharing information without obligation, and alongside the use of leading edge technologies. Designed to streamline the user experience, it positions even greater streams of timely and relevant farmland-related content at the fingertips of our clients and future customers.

The new site empowers buyers to perform a fast and accurate search of farmland auctions and ag real estate listings via a user-friendly interface and interactive mapping tool. We are driving traffic to interior portals of the site featuring plat maps, soil maps, FSA maps, aerial photography and more. 

These unique landing pages allow buyers to easily digest and download current listing information while gaining a unique perspective of the land from anywhere in the world.

PeoplesCompany.com also provides a gateway to powerful affiliate sites such as WhatsMyFarmWorth.com and LandInvestmentExpo.com, while at the same time tying in with our growing presence and growing reach on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Everything has been wrapped in a neat, mobile-friendly package centered on helping to inform the decision-making process. One use of this innovative tool will be used to help enhance efficiency, communication and productivity among our agents, staff and industry partners on behalf of landowners across the Midwest and around the globe.

Peoples Company is raising the bar with regards to the appearance, functionality and usability of contemporary ag real estate services websites as we forge ahead in the digital marketing frontiers. 

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