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Land Investment Expo announces expanded speaker lineup ahead of Jan. 25th conference

January 3, 2019 - Peoples Company


Peoples Company President Steve Bruere today announced an expanded speaker lineup ahead of the 12th Annual Land Investment Expo, which will take place Friday, January 25, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Iowa Events Center. The conference, which is expected to have 900 attendees from around the world, will feature high-caliber speakers who are considered experts in their fields. In September, Emmy Award-winning television host, entrepreneur and bestselling author Martha Stewart was announced as the Expo’s keynote speaker.

“In its twelfth year, the Land Investment Expo is moving to a larger venue as more and more investors, farmers and businesspeople have continually made the Expo a must-attend annual event,” said Peoples Company President Steve Bruere. “The 2019 Expo will once again provide insight into the latest industry trends, offer an insider look into the policies and politics that impact business, industry and investments, and offer the opportunity to hear from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our lifetime, Martha Stewart.”

A limited number of tickets to the Land Investment Expo are still available for purchase at https://peoplescompany.com/land-investment-expo/registration. Featured speakers and topics for the 2019 Land Investment Expo include:


Emmy Award-winning television host, entrepreneur and bestselling author Martha Stewart

Emmy Award-winning television host, entrepreneur and bestselling author Martha Stewart was previously announced as the event’s keynote speaker. At the time her attendance was announced, Stewart said, “Farm to market is much different today than it was a generation ago. As a small farm owner and businessperson, I look forward to sharing insight on how I believe today's agricultural and food economy can and should adapt to the evolving nature of both the marketplace and consumer behavior.”


United States Senator Joni Ernst

United States Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, will join Expo attendees during the morning general session. Ernst will give attendees insight into what to expect as a new Congress begins its work.


Michael Bowman, founding Board Chairman of the National Hemp Association

After President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law on December 20, 2018, farming and growing hemp become federally legal. With investors, farmers and land owners seeking more information about the new legal agricultural commodity, the Land Investment Expo will host a breakout session on hemp, which will feature Michael Bowman, a passionate advocate for industrial hemp production.

The founding Board Chairman of the National Hemp Association, Bowman authored a section in the 2014 Farm Bill, which, for the first time since 1933, granted the right to cultivate hemp under federal law in states where hemp production was legal. This measure was the precursor to the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp production legal across all states.


Political panel to offer a behind the scenes look into national politics

Later in the day, a political panel will convene a discussion giving attendees a behind-the-curtain glimpse into the happenings in Washington, DC and beyond, and look ahead to the Democrats’ race for their party’s presidential nomination and how Republicans will position themselves as the presidential election approaches in 2020.


Additional Expo speakers for 2019 include:

  • Dennis Gartman, the editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter
  • James Wong, a kew-trained botanist, science writer and broadcaster
  • Daron “Farmer D” Joffe, the founder and CEO of Farmer D consulting
  • Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist


The Expo runs from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Friday, January 25, 2019.