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Grover Norquist joins Ben Stein, Steve Eisman at Land Investment Expo next month

January 6, 2017 - Peoples Company


Grover Norquist joins Ben Stein, Steve Eisman at Land Investment Expo next month

Norquist a well-known, nationally-recognized tax expert head of Americans for Tax Reform, announced as part of an updated expo schedule

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist will join actor and comedian Ben Stein at Peoples Company’s 10th annual Land Investment Expo, on Friday, Feb. 3 at the West Des Moines Sheraton.

Norquist will bring his signature wit and wisdom as he discusses the true cost of government and what tax reform might look like in the Trump era. Norquist founded ATR in 1985 at the request of President Reagan. The group works to limit higher taxes at the federal, state and local level. Norquist has authored four books and is a regular television commentator.

The updated schedule also features Michael Doane with The Nature Conservancy. Doane is Director for Working Lands at TNC, leading the organization’s foremost experts to scale up conservation outcomes across productively managed forestry, ranching and farming landscapes. His priorities include soil health and nutrient loss reductions in North America. He replaces Mark Tercek at this year’s expo, who had a scheduling conflict.

Finally, Machinery Pete – “The most trusted name in farm equipment” – will be on hand as well. Machinery Pete has developed a national reputation thanks in part to his large social media following.

Previously announced speakers include Ben Stein and Steve Eisman.

Best known as the boring and repetitive economics teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stein’s “Bueller…?...Bueller…?” performance was voted as “one of the 50 funniest scenes in American film history.” In addition to movie and television acting, Ben has had a lucrative career as a teacher, economist, commentator, columnist and author. The Emmy-award winning game show host of Win Ben Stein’s Money will bring his signature humor and wit that will have our audience rolling.

Eisman is the outspoken hedge fund manager whose story was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ book “The Big Short,” and later when he was played by Steve Carrell as “Mark Baum” in the acclaimed movie of the same name.

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Background on the Iowa Land Investment Expo:

A Decade of Innovation!

What an incredible 10 years it has been. Since the Land Investment Expo’s launch to this groundbreaking anniversary, we will have seen:

  • Two new presidents
  • Three presidential elections
  • The deepest recession in more than 75 years
  • 500-year floods, punishing droughts and devastating tornadoes
  • Record commodity and land prices

How does our event continue to draw the most diverse audience of any its kind? With exciting and unpredictable moments – not the same rhetoric year after year.  Our event has grown in stature every year by featuring local, national and global perspectives, offering farmers and institutional investors incredible access to some of the world’s foremost specialists on the economy, environment, technology and politics.

We continually offer fresh, new speakers, topics, ideas and ways of thinking. Check out highlights from years past:

Our decade of experience in planning, hosting and executing this event has made it the premier farmland event – and we know attendees past and future will agree.

The challenge we strive to live up to each year is bringing you the real, in-depth stories that exist beneath the headlines when it comes to the economy, environment, investment, sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Confronting the Tough Issues

The Expo has never been shy about tackling the current challenges we face, among them:

  • The Des Moines Water Works lawsuit against three Iowa companies for their alleged role in elevated nitrates in the city’s drinking water
  • How “Waters of the United States” should be defined
  • Prop 2 in California, which demands significant changes in the chicken and egg industry
  • The Renewable Fuels Standard and its future
  • Fights over the proper use of irrigation and water availability
  • Doubling our food production in order to feed 9 billion people by 2050
  • Understanding GMOs and the potential impact of government-mandated labeling
  • Addressing labor challenges and shortages while providing tools to close the skills gap

We look forward to discussing these, and any additional questions brought forth by this year’s expo presenters and participants, to foster creative approaches to productivity and sustainability. We hope you will join us!