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Dr. Simon Atkins Land Expo Keynote to Focus on Climate Economy

October 28, 2014 - Peoples Company

Climate economist Dr. Simon Atkins is a commodity yield expert with a business and scientific focus on global climate shift and hot-spot threats to economies, industries, societies and environments, as well as customized agricultural risk exposure strategies, weather-biased commodity investments, and Black Swan prediction and assessment.

Dr. Atkins, a doctor of climate science and a macroeconomist, as well as an author and a leader in innovation in physics and Planetary Risk Management, will return to speak at the 2015 Land Investment Expo following his last West Des Moines appearance in January 2013.

With a wealth of knowledge gained from visiting 69 countries, Dr. Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc, advises on vulnerability assessment “hotspots” for optimized security planning and business continuity. As CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation, a Planetary Risk™ think-tank, he provides climate change hazard and Black Swan event consulting to agriculture, energy and 20 other industries, Fortune 500 businesses, and investors affected by natural-based perils.

Mounting natural disasters as of recent have become of greater concern in strategic planning and monitoring the exposure of one’s asset classes. In a world necessitating disaster threat advisement, Dr. Atkins’ deliverables in hotspot predictions allow clients to gauge strengths or liabilities in their investments, market positions or economic interests all over the world, particularly in water shortages, commodity price fluctuations, solar flare interferences, power grid disruptions, disease outbreaks, natural and technological influences on geopolitical instability, and socio-economic complexities.

Dr. Atkins (on Twitter) is known around the world for his passion, forecast accuracy, entertainment, and motivation to deliver positive change. His futuristic, yet clear, details provide mechanisms to better gauge the hazards in our rapidly morphing world.

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