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Access ‘Big Questions’ Presentation Online

September 2, 2015 - Peoples Company

Peoples Company and Total Realty Co. each hosted an August seminar shedding light on “Big Questions” in agricultural real estate, including ideas to enhance rental returns, how societal expectations impact land management, who pays to implement conservation and sustainability practices, and where the land market is headed.

The educational and networking events, presented on August 25 in West Des Moines and August 27 in DeWitt, included presentations by Dr. David Muth of AgSolver, Inc., Sean McMahon of Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, Nick Goeser of Soil Health Partnership, and Mollie Aronowitz and Steve Bruere, both of Peoples Company.

Click here to review our fall meeting presentation deck with nearly 100 slides and a major emphasis on cash rents and land values, income and appreciation, precision data management for environmental and economic performance, and socially responsible farmland investing.

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