Iowa Farmland Values: Keokuk County

Published on Jan 13, 2021 by Riley Sieren

Peoples Company is focused on being resourceful and influential in the agricultural land business. Continuing with the Iowa Farmland Values blog series, we will now be highlighting the average farmland characteristics and production costs in Keokuk County, Iowa. 

2020 Keokuk County Land Statistics:

  • Total Acres: 371,300
  • Average CSR2: 59.6
  • Farmland Value: $6,653/Acre
  • CSR2 Price Per Point Average: $111.63
  • Average Cash Rent Corn/Soybeans: $205
  • 2015-2019 Average Corn Yield: 189 Bu
  • 2015-2019 Average Soybean Yield: 55 Bu

1 2019 ISU Land Value Survey conducted by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD)
2 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach File C2-10 in Ames, Iowa

Successful Sales in Keokuk County:


Here at Peoples Company, we recently set the new all-time Keokuk County land auction record of $14,000/Acre. This land was 99% tillable with a CSR2 of 82, boasting a CSR2 price per point of $172.

The Keokuk County land market really varies from each corner of the county. There are many areas and pockets that can yield much higher results than others in terms of land values and cash rents. You can find some of the best crop ground, hog confinements, and Whitetail hunting in all of Iowa within the 371,300 acres of Keokuk County, Iowa.

Of the 371,300 total acres in Keokuk County, the average Corn Suitability Rating 2 (CSR2) within the county is 59.6 with an average 2020 farmland value of $6,653 per acre, which is a 5.05% increase from 2019. To determine the CSR2 price per point average, divide the average farmland value ($6,653) by the Keokuk County CSR2 average (59.6), which equals $111.63 per CSR2 point.

The average 2020 cash rent per tillable acre across Keokuk County is $205. The 2015-2019 average corn and soybean yield was 189 and 55 bushels per acre, respectively. The average rent per bushel of crop yield is calculated by cash rent divided by the average crop yield expected, which is $1.08 for corn and $3.72 for soybeans.

The capitalization rate, or also commonly referred to as "cap rate," is the rate of return on a real estate property based on the income that the property is expected to generate for the landowner. The cap rate can help evaluate and compare the risk of one property or market to another, where it depends on the demand, available inventory within the area, and the specific type of property. The cap rate for Keokuk County farmland is around 3.1% or an expected return on an investment of three percent.

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