Riverside County, CA
97.30 Acres M/L

83001 58th Ave
Thermal, CA 92274
Listing #16123


Property Info


 58th Avenue Ranch consists of two tracts. A 77.70-acre tract is a former table grape vineyard that is available for new plantings. It has some vineyard infrastructure in place that can be re-purposed and it is adjacent to high value crops including vegetables, dates, citrus, and other vineyards with desirable varieties. Soils are 100% Class 2 sandy loams. One reservoir and filter station is included in the northeast corner of the tract.

A 19.60-acre tract is a date orchard. Dates are the most valuable crop in the Coachella Valley and this orchard consists entirely of mature organic Medjool date trees, which generate a premium over conventionally farmed dates. An Ag Preserve contract offers potentially lower property taxes based on agricultural use compared to market value. 


  • Adjacent to numerous high-value crop plantings 
  • 19.60-acre parcel of dates, rest is open for new plantings
  • Open trellised land available for new plantings
  • Excellent soils profile for 100% Class 2 sandy loams
  • Ag preserve contract limits property taxes
  • Sign On Property: Yes
  • Parcel Number: 757-240-001, 757-250-001

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