Riverside County, CA

Hammond Rd. at Grant St.
Mecca, CA 92554

102.71 Acres M/L

Listing #15585



Hammond Ranch is currently farmed to vegetables. It was previously a citrus grove for many years and six propane-powered wind machines remain on-site. The tract is located toward the south end of the Coachella Valley but north of Highway 111 and it is adjacent to vegetable, citrus and table grape farms. An on-site reservoir covers approximately 1.4 acres along the northern boundary.

Farm Details

  • Fertile Class 2 and 3 Soils
  • Reliable, affordable Coachella Valley Water District irrigation water
  • Includes 6 propane-fueled wind machines
  • Ag Preserve contract limits property taxes
  • APN: 729-050-005
  • Additional information in Offering Memorandum


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