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Capital Markets structures and sponsors syndicated farmland offerings for accredited retail investors wanting to add the performance characteristics of farmland to their personal portfolios at lower capital entry points than direct acquisition. Investors gain access to the superior investment qualities of farmland including diversification, low volatility, inflation hedging, and premium returns. Syndicated offerings structured and managed by the Peoples Company Capital Markets team are available on AcreTrader. As our broker dealer, AcreTrader provides an online platform for investors to create an account, establish their credentials, browse farmland offerings, review offering documents, and submit payment. 


This syndicated investment structure offers flexible entry points as low as $20,000 allowing retail investors to leverage the benefits of owning farmland in their portfolios. These assets are professionally managed eliminating all accounting, legal, and farm management responsibilities from the investor.


Capital Markets structures Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) offerings to allow investors to take direct ownership of farmland in a syndicated structure while completing a Section 1031 Exchange. Our team professionally manages all aspects of this investment structure including accounting, legal, and farm management creating a passive investment for individuals.


Full-service investment management and services focused on conservation, fertility, water management, and yields to deliver sustainable performance and income optimization. All decision-making and administrative responsibilities are coordinated by the Capital Markets team.


Business plans are developed and executed that optimize land use and employ technology to monitor and improve investment performance while providing robust, transparent information to investors including financial reviews and farm-specific details.


Capital Markets aims to increase access to high-quality U.S. farmland by allowing investors to become farmland owners at low investment amounts through a digital platform, while simultaneously creating an alternative equity source for landowners. Investing through a syndicated offering structure creates the following advantages:

  • Low minimum investment entry points

  • Secure streamlined investment process

  • Access to high-quality farmland assets

  • Premium Returns, low volatility, diversification, and inflation hedging

  • Professional management and reporting

Sponsored Offerings

To view syndicated investments sponsored by the Capital Markets team, visit our broker dealer, AcreTrader, at the link below.


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