Peoples Company Services

A global perspective grounded in rural farming roots and a drive to continually innovate is what makes Peoples Company one of the nation’s leading providers of land brokerage, land management, land appraisal, and land investment services.

Land Brokerage & Auctions

Peoples Company's unique infrastructure, collaborative culture, processes, personnel, and marketing strategies deliver the best possible results for buyers and sellers through innovation, market knowledge, and communication. Peoples Company's experienced team of land professionals specialize in traditional listing services, public auctions, and online auctions throughout the country.

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Land Management

Peoples Company takes a different approach to managing farmland and does so in a socially responsible manner with environmental issues being actively addressed. Peoples Company land managers utilize advancing technologies to document and analyze yield and production history, fertility, soil health, conservation practices, and capital improvements to improve yields, increase income, and maximize appreciation of each asset.

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Land Appraisals

Peoples Company's dedicated team of appraisal professionals and consultants have the skill, experience, and resources to provide the most accurate property valuation available. Peoples Company's appraisers utilize the most up-to-date technology and a comprehensive real estate sales database to arm themselves with the latest market trends and intel.

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Land Investment

Peoples Company tailors its proactive land investment program to engage broad capital bases, deliver flexible and robust options for raising capital, and provide customized solutions for each asset. Peoples Company offers these services in conjunction with its affiliates, Alternative Equity Advisors, DST Farms, Ag Capital Advisors, and mAgma.

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