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Capital Markets provides advisory-based transaction services on behalf of institutions. These services include evaluating a portfolio as well as creating and implementing a disposition plan while marketing the property to a vast buyer pool consisting of large farm operators, individuals utilizing 1031 exchanges, institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Through our rich history in the land business, hosting the Land Investment Expo, and attending industry events, we have established vast industry connections and an intimate understanding of the farmland investment market including top landowners as well as portfolio placement and status. Peoples Company Capital Markets is unique in its ability to deliver for customers with expansive land holdings, utilizing innovative marketing and transactional solutions as well as access to primed capital sources to help them achieve superior outcomes.


The process begins with our team determining the value of each asset as well as the portfolio as a whole by examining farm characteristics, comparable sales, and income potential. Our team will consult with Peoples Company’s brokerage, appraisal, and management divisions to understand the local market and the best avenue for maximizing asset potential and sale price.


To market the property, our team creates a fully customized marketing prospectus and interactive website. The prospectus and website will showcase maps, videos, photos, due diligence information, and will be the centerpiece of our marketing efforts. Our team works in conjunction with you to determine what information is available to buyers at each stage of the marketing process.


Our team completes comprehensive due diligence on your properties and assembles it all into an online data room for potential buyers to access. This information includes all pertinent maps, historical information, and sale details such as soil information, legal documents, crop history and production records, title reports, third-party reports, and property leases. 


Our in-house counsel collaborates with your attorneys to prepare legal documents pertaining to the sale including terms and conditions, purchase agreements, disclosures, non-disclosure agreements, etc.


Peoples Company can publicly market your portfolio via listing or auction. Listing includes the addition of the property to a Multiple Listing Service to advertise it to the maximum number of buyers while conducting full marketing efforts. For highly desirable properties that need to be sold soon, a variety of public auction methods are available. 


Capital Markets has the ability to conduct private marketing by exposing properties to our internal networks to test the market, maintain privacy, and create a sense of exclusivity. Auctions can be conducted on an invite-only basis or sealed bid format.


Coordination of all closing activities from purchase agreement to title policy, closing disclosures, closing statement, and deed. Our team remains engaged until the property has successfully transferred ownership and will serve as a resource for future questions.


Capital Markets provides access to capital as well as Peoples Company’s premier brokerage services. Working with Peoples Company to value and dispose of a portfolio yields the following advantages.

  • We proudly host the Land Investment Expo which gives us an opportunity to promote properties to over 1,000 individuals who attend this annual event. In addition to this, we exhibit at or attend over 40 industry-oriented trade shows throughout the year. Consistent contact through these events enables us heightened exposure to buyers and connection to industry experts. 

  • Investor database of over 20,000 who receive our material and are actively looking for land. 

  • Peoples Company’s full-service land transaction platform arms our land professionals with access to the most relevant sales data, management expertise, and capital markets clients as well as awareness of institutional investment strategies, approach, and structure.

  • Peoples Company’s long history and vast footprint have cultivated numerous relationships with local and regional banks, trust departments, attorneys, accountants, and other lead sources. 

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