Riverside County, CA
81.00 Acres M/L

91666 62nd Ave
Mecca, CA 92254
Listing #15580


Property Info


Lincoln Ranch benefits from mostly Class 2 sandy loam soils and an efficient layout with a greater percentage of farmable land than is typical for Coachella Valley tracts. An existing Ag Preserve contract limits property taxes based upon agricultural use rather than market value, reducing ownership costs for the foreseeable future. The farm is situated among row crop, vineyard and citrus grove uses.


  • Fertile cropland with majority Class 2 soils
  • Reliable, affordable Coachella Valley Water District irrigation water
  • Efficient tract with very limited unusable acreage
  • Ag Preserve contract limits property taxes
  • APN: 717-280-008
  • Additional information in Offering Memorandum

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