Riverside County, CA
231.82 Acres M/L

83001 58th Ave
Thermal, CA 92274
Listing #15578


Property Info


This sizeable table grape vineyard includes several sought-after varieties that are two to four years old and entering their prime productive years. Many acres of older vines were recently removed and several blocks with trellising and drip irrigation infrastructure are available for new plantings. Soils are composed of approximately 99 percent fertile Class 2 sandy loam soils. One reservoir is available with surface a filter station. This tract is under an Ag Preserve contract, reducing property taxes based upon agricultural use.


  • Large blocks of newer, desirable table grape varieties
  • Reliable, affordable Coachella Valley Water District irrigation water
  • Open trellised land available for new plantings
  • Excellent soils profile for 99% Class 2 sandy loams
  • APN: 757-240-(004, 005); 757-250-(012, 014)
  • Additional information in Offering Memorandum

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