Riverside County, CA
160.00 Acres M/L

66th Ave at Euclid Ave
Mecca, CA 92254
Listing #15583


Property Info


Euclid Ranch is comprised of sought-after Autumn Crisp grapes and also includes Sable Seedless plantings. A portion of the Autumn Crisp vineyard is under shade cover. The older vineyard blocks were recently removed and about half of the farmable acreage is available for new plantings. Site improvements include a reservoir covering about 1.5 acres and a fenced-in staging yard.


  • Desirable table grape varieties
  • Reliable, affordable Coachella Valley Water District irrigation water
  • Majority Class 2 soils
  • Efficient block layout and beneficial site improvements
  • APN: 727-113-(003-006)
  • Additional information in Offering Memorandum

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