Riverside County, CA
155.82 Acres M/L

Johnson St. at 60th Ave
Mecca, CA 92254
Listing #15579


Property Info


Situated at a high point on the Mecca Slope, this table grape vineyard includes five varieties including Sweet Sapphire and Valley Pearl vines at or near mature production and new plantings of Autumn Crisp, Sugrafiftytwo and Sugrafiftythree, the latter of which are ultra-early green and red varieties, respectively. The site includes a reservoir covering approximately 1.2 acres and an accompanying filter station. An Ag Preserve contract offers the benefit of limiting property taxes based on agricultural use.


  • Newer table grape vines in desirable varieties
  • Reliable, affordable Coachella Valley Water District irrigation water
  • Excellent early location over 200 feet above the Salton Sea
  • Ag Preserve contract limits property taxes
  • Additional information in Offering Memorandum
  • Parcel Number: 717-280-(016, 020, 021)

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