Riverside County, CA
110.63 Acres M/L

62nd Ave at Johnson St.
Mecca, CA 92254
Listing #15878

Property Info


Historically a table grape vineyard, the Canal Ranch is extremely well located along the Coachella Canal in an early, high elevation area of the Coachella Valley’s Mecca Slope region. The older vines were recently removed and the property will be available for replant to any use that could take advantage of the early location. Citrus groves, table grape vineyards, and row crop farms are successful uses found on adjacent properties. The Coachella Valley Water District provides an affordable and reliable source of irrigation water.


• Excellent early location over 200 feet above the Salton Sea
• Historically a vineyard, but available for new plantings
• Ag Preserve contract limits property taxes
• Additional information in Offering Memorandum

  • Parcel Number: 717-290-(020, 021)

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