Land Investment

We tailor our proactive land investment program around identifying investment-grade land acquisitions for investors and sources of capital for farmers who are looking for someone to purchase land they can lease.


Rising investor interest coupled with the need for outside capital to finance land purchases led Peoples Company to develop a proactive Land Investment Program tailored around identifying investment grade land acquisitions for investors and sources of capital for farmers who are looking for someone to purchase land they can lease.

Peoples Company consistently attends agricultural conferences throughout the country such as the Global Ag Conference, the Agri Investor Forum, and NCREIF, in addition to our Annual Land Investment Expo to foster key relationships with institutional and individual investors as well as form new relationships with potential referral sources on a larger scale. The land investment service allows Peoples Company to act as a clearinghouse for farmers and investors by ultimately sourcing and managing deals between the two parties.

We offer asset management for high net worth individuals and institutional investors in conjunction with, our affiliate, Alternative Equity Advisors.

Alternative Equity Advisors is a real asset investment firm specializing in the acquisition and management of agricultural farmland assets in the United States for private investors such as family offices, endowments, foundations, high net worth individuals, and institutional investment firms. Alternative Equity Advisors will acquire and manage farmland assets for each client on a separate account basis, and every asset will be acquired within the client-directed investment mandate. For additional information, please contact Alternative Equity Advisors at 515.223.3895 or email

Peoples Company is a proud signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”), an investor initiative in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative and the UN Global Compact, which is an international network of investors and service providers working collaboratively to implement the six Principles of Responsible Investment.

Industry Research

Peoples Company is proactive and works hard to anticipate the needs of those in the agricultural sector. We have co-authored two white papers entitled Socially Responsible Farmland Investment and Your Farmland and the Future.

Socially Responsible Farmland Investment
Dr. Mike Duffy and Steve Bruere

This thought-provoking paper asserts that changing demographics is driving a trend by next-generation landowners to manage for appreciation and create sustainability through socially responsible farming.


Your Farmland and the Future
Teresa Opheim and Steve Bruere

With around 10% of all farmland changing hands in the next few years, farm succession planning is no longer optional, it’s essential. The future of farmland ownership is set to look very different in the coming years.