Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative

A program designed to simultaneously protect the environment, maximize yields and improve overall return on investment.

Peoples Company has partnered with Stine Seed, the largest independent seed company, and one of the most-recognized corn and soybean seed brands, to offer land owners a paid-in-full, managed cover crops program.

How It Works

The program is available for new land management clients of Peoples Company. Peoples Company’s Land Management team is focused on managing farmland with an emphasis on long term appreciation, sustainability and conservation. Its model maximizes the productive acres of a farm while protecting the environmentally sensitive acres.

In order to qualify for the cover crop program, land owners must agree to have their land professionally managed by Peoples Company during a three-year term and commit to planting Stine Seed Company’s high-population corn, or other approved Stine corn or soybean seed during the three-year agreement.

The cost of cover crop application will be covered up to $30/acre, with a minimum of 120 acres and a maximum of 500 acres planted per client. Cover crop seed and application decisions will be made by land management professionals. Termination of the cover crops is not a covered expense.

The program will be available up to a maximum of 10,000 acres. Program implementation will begin in the 2019 growing season. The program is available to land owners in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri.

Peoples Company land managers will inspect each property annually to ensure cover crops were utilized and Stine Seed Company seed was planted. It will document these practices in the annual land management report for each farm.

For more information, email or call 855.800.5263 (LAND).

“Peoples Company is committed to helping land owners effectively manage their property to maximize productivity, but also to reduce environmental impact,” said Peoples Company President Steve Bruere. “I’ve always believed that since a significant amount of land is rented, an effective strategy to reduce environmental impact and maximize yields should be targeted at land owners. Our program will show land owners it’s possible to reduce environmental impact while increasing productivity.”

High population corn in narrow row configuration improves plant spacing. Compare the crop spacing on the left of the picture with the traditional row planting on the right.

The Benefits of Cover Crops

Cover crops are typically a hardy winter small grain crop that is seeded into a standing crop or seeded after harvest to provide vegetative cover over the winter months. Cover crops also uptake and hold excess nitrogen further preventing them from exiting the soil and entering a body of water. The benefits of cover crops include reduced erosion, increased organic matter, and reduced nitrates/excess nutrients from exiting the soil. Cover crops also increase soil tilth with their extensive root systems that move throughout the soil, creating pores for water and carbon dioxide to move freely. Common cover crops include oats, wheat, barley, and tillage radishes. Cover crops that are not killed by the cold will be planted into and then sprayed in the spring, blanketing the soil and increasing water retention.

Peoples Company is partnering with

“At Stine, we understand that nothing is more important than caring for the land,” said Myron Stine, President of Stine Seed. “Through the years, we have implemented a number of processes on our own farm to aid in soil conservation, with high density corn being one of the most innovative.  And we feel that cover crops are another component of a strong soil conservation program. That’s why we are pleased to partner with Peoples Company on this project.”

Please click here to fill out a short application and a member of the Peoples Company Land Management team will contact you with additional information.

The Small Print
By signing a Peoples Company management agreement and enrolling in the Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative, clients and operators understand this program is offered exclusively through a collaboration of resources between Peoples Company and Stine Seed Company to receive paid-in-full cover crops for a three-year term.

Client is not eligible for the Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative if participating in government cover crop assistance programs. Accepting government cover crop assistance on acres enrolled in the Sustainability Cover Crop Initiative is a violation of the program.