Land Investment Expo

Acclaimed for its international leadership in agriculture and infamous for its first-in-the-nation status in national politics, Iowa
has been center-stage for agricultural professionals, business leaders, and political aspirants for decades. Established in 2008 by
Peoples Company, the Land Investment Expo has transformed into a main event for office holders, office seekers, and prominent
agricultural industry voices to provide keen insight and debate the events of today and the future of tomorrow.

The 15th annual Land Investment Expo will leave nothing on the table. These prominent figures take the stage alongside leading
economists and innovators to address controversial industry topics exposing participants to multiple perspectives and setting the
tone for the industry in 2022. So don’t miss the chance to join agricultural professionals from across the country in Downtown Des
Moines or gather virtually to participate in the nation’s premier land conference – the 2022 Land Investment Expo.

Join us on Tuesday, January 11, 2022!

The Land Investment Expo is providing attendees with top flight national perspective on the factors that influence, not only the land market, but agriculture in general. If you are looking for return on investment, I can't think of a day better spent.

Craig Hill

President, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation