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Peoples Company

Peoples Company is a leading provider of agricultural land brokerage, land management, land appraisal and land investing services in the Midwest. We provide a complete range of agricultural real estate investment and management services. Our approach includes:

Land Brokerage & Land Auctions: Landowners can depend on the aggressive marketing strategies employed by our experienced team of land sales professionals at Peoples Company. With sales agents operating in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Peoples Company combines our innovative brokerage and auction services to reach buyers locally, throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Land Management: Today's landowner needs a manager with the skills and knowledge of both a farm operator and an asset manager. The asset needs to not only be managed for its expected level of annual income, but also for optimal value appreciation. For a landowner to realize the full return potential of their investment, we believe meaningful reports must show more than the annual cash flow from the land. Our Land Management Services are designed for owners who want to ensure that the critical elements of their farm operation, as well as the critical issues of soil conservation and farm sustainability, are overseen and managed by experienced professionals.

Appraisals: The Peoples Company Appraisal Division specializes in conducting research and analyzing costs, sales and lease data in numerous areas related to the sale or transfer of real estate, as well as mortgage financing, investment analysis, internal asset valuation, divorce settlement, estate planning, acquisition and condemnation, litigation and property tax appeals. Our network of agricultural real estate appraisal professionals and consultants utilize the most up-to-date technology available to stay current on trends in the market and provide clients with accurate property valuations for a variety of purposes.

Land Investing: Peoples Company has created three capital sources for land investing, which include 1) access to institutional investors seeking large tracts of land, 2) our Separate Account Land Management program that proactively guides investors with direct investment in productive farm assets and 3) Self-Directed IRA investing where we help individual investors acquire farm assets in their IRA. The Land Investment Program allows Peoples Company to act as a clearinghouse for farmers and investors and ultimately source and manage deals between the two parties.

The Land Investment Expo is the cornerstone our aggressive marketing tactics, with an innovative team of ag real estate sales professionals striving to connect landowners and investors in eight states. The Peoples Company real estate brokerage is licensed in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Illinois. For more information about the solutions we offer to connect landowners and investors with farm operators, visit or call (855) 800-5263 (LAND).