Soil Loss Report

Soil is the foundation of value for farmland. Inevitably, tillage, wind, and rainfall causes soil to move and potentially become permanently lost. This report evaluates how much soil is being lost from the farm every year under current farming practices and recommends alternative ways to reduce that erosion.

Profitability Mapping

Using advanced algorithms that incorporate farm attributes to predict yield along with anticipated expenses for crop production, the report identifies those parts of the farm that are profitable and those that are not or less profitable. More often than not, portions of the farm which are less or not profitable tend to be more environmentally sensitive. By identifying these areas, the report provides opportunity to improve income and enhance sustainable conservation through prudent management.

Farm Practice Assessment

Farm practices, or how a farmer produces a crop, has considerable impact on farmland sustainability. The report identifies current farm practices and evaluates alternative practices that could potentially improve organic matter, water infiltration, and nutrient cycling.

Increased Income. Sustainable Land Management. Premium Land Value.

Peoples Company Land Management

Peoples Company’s Land Managers optimize annual income while managing for long-term appreciation. They focus on maximizing the productive acres while protecting the environmentally sensitive acres. Peoples Company believes financial performance and environmental performance are linked. Peoples Company’s land management clients are progressive landowners focused on the long-term sustainability and appreciation of their farm.

To schedule your assessment contact Peoples Company Director of Sustainability Mollie Aronowitz, AFM at 319.504.8182 or

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