Central Washington Farms DST

Adams County, WA

2,207 Acres M/L

Minimum Investment:

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DST Farmland is excited to announce the investment offering of the Central Washington Farms DST. This offering consists of two high-quality farms located in the Columbia River Basin in Washington State. This portfolio offers diversification between dryland and irrigated cropland. The Farms produce fresh market crops, direct food supply chain crops, and feed crops. This diversified production engages multiple facets of the food supply chain, providing resilience and stability across a wide range of market conditions.  Both properties have long-term cash rent leases in place with qualified local operators. To help guide the farms to maximum production and resale potential, the farms will be professionally managed by Peoples Company, a nationally recognized firm that offers land management, appraisal, brokerage, and investment services across the country.

The Master Lease has been structured to generate a Base Rent to cover annual loan payments and expenses, Stated Rent to provide annual returns, and Bonus Rent to provide additional inflationary benefits for Beneficial Owners. DST investors will receive 1.05% Stated Rent paid annually. In addition to annual investor income projections, the DST believes that the Farms’ value could increase by an estimated 3.9% to 5.6% annually over the 10-year targeted term of the investment, based on the historical average annual increases in irrigated and non-irrigated farmland values in the Pacific Northwest Region over the past 20 years as reported by USDA. 


DST Farmland provides Section 1031 exchange investors with unique opportunities to directly engage the farmland asset class through the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment vehicle. As a sponsoring entity, DST Farmland specializes in identifying high-quality farmland that has the potential to deliver above-market returns and long-term capital appreciation, while mitigating investment risk.


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