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With a national footprint, Peoples Company engages all major U.S. agriculture markets as a full-service national farmland transaction and asset management platform. The company’s core business model centers around brokering large, sophisticated land transactions around the country, appraising diverse agricultural assets throughout all major ag regions, as well as acquiring and managing investment grade assets for high caliber clientele, including institutional investors, family offices, pension funds, and high-net-worth individuals. By leveraging regional expertise, Peoples Company provides integrated solutions for complex agricultural transactions involving a wide range of production systems. Peoples Company’s robust relationships throughout the industry with key referral sources and prominent industry leaders bolster the company’s regional strategy and position the company to execute on prominent land deals across the nation.

Peoples Company’s rural heritage and ties to the land are the core of its business. As a result, the Company has ingrained in its business the premise that “everything starts with land.” It is on this premise that, paired with a global perspective, Peoples Company provides innovative real estate solutions.

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Expo History

The inaugural Land Investment Expo was held in 2008 to connect stakeholders in agriculture. Naturally, the event attracted farmland owners, financial leaders, and policymakers from Iowa and the Midwest. The Expo quickly gained traction as it became recognized as one of the nation’s premier forums for agricultural networking and insights as it encompasses all aspects of the industry. When Expo leaders sought to explore vital elements of agriculture such as sustainability, emerging trends, and policy considerations, the event’s notoriety and prestige escalated to new heights and acquired a devoted national following. Prominent institutional investors, national agricultural organizations, leading economists, and political leaders recognize the Expo as a critical venue to discuss the challenges and opportunities involving a whole host of topics with global implications. With over a decade of success, the Land Investment Expo establishes the industry’s tone for the year each January.

In 2019, Peoples Company formed a strategic alliance with The Land Report to cultivate a community for landowners to gather and receive industry leading information. Each year during the pre-expo event, The Land Report unveils The Land Report 100 which features a comprehensive look at the nation’s largest landowners. This partnership provides the land industry with a network of relevant topics and market awareness.

Prompted by the 2020 pandemic, the Land Investment Expo strategically adjusted to regulations, travel restrictions, and attendee preferences. As a result, the 2021 Land Investment Expo was successfully held in person and was enhanced by a virtual option. The virtual component was made available through the event app and is now a mainstay for increasing attendance and expanding the reach to a global audience. The Land Investment Expo proudly boasts a loyal attendance of over 1,000 participants!

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