Iowa Land Values Update

Published on Jul 14, 2020 by Mandy Hoistad

Second quarter auction sales volume has been drastically lower than previous quarters. As the nationwide quarantine began to set in and social distancing regulations were implemented, the number of auction sales began to slow. During the month of May in Iowa, there weren't any auction sales recorded. However, as the governor has lifted many of the capacity restrictions, several auctions were carried out in the month of June. For the second quarter, there has been a total of 44 tracts of land sold at auction with a majority of the sales being in June. The average land sale price per acre was approximately $7,950, with an average CSR2 of 78. The average $/CSR2 point was lower than previous quarters at $102/CSR2 point with a high of $147/CSR2 and a low of $59/CSR2 point.